Arthropods Will Rule Again

listen you guys,
this is the arthropods time
you've been a long time around
you've made a big mess
it's time for you to quit the planet
it's time for us to rule again
it’s time for the arthropods to rule again


you know,..
chicken is more clever than a fly, or an ant,
does this make chicken ..clever?
you know,..
human is more clever than a pig, or a horse,
does this make human ..clever?
you say humans destroy nature..
do chicken destroy nature?
do flies do that? or the ants?
do shells destroy nature?
you know, shells made the petroleum..
I'll tell you a story about a little species.
there was a tiny little species that lived on this planet some 5 billion years ago.
it was a funny little thing. no eyes, no feet, no brains.
the funniest thing though was that this funny little species used to "breath" (if one can say "breath") carbon dioxide.
then, while millions of years passed by, these little animals became so many.
try to imagine the whole of the oceans crowded by these animals. a thick animal-water. wouldn't like to swim in there...
I bet you can't imagine what happened then: they became so many that finally they breathed all the carbon dioxide while producing a killer poison. they produced so much of that poison-gas that they finally suffocated in it. they all had to die.
this poison gas we call.. oxygen. they suffocated in oxygen. they needed carbon dioxide but they had used it all.
come on now don't be silly.
humans don't destroy nature. there is no such thing as pollution to nature.
what humans call pollution is simply nature.
like the human mind is nature.
like the pig mind is nature.
it's just nature.

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Text, Graphic Design: Kostas Beveratos
Engravings: Panayota Kapela

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